Beach Bonfire: Bonfire/Picnic Checklist

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lily's 5th birthday was last week.  Wow I can't believe how time flies.  My sweet girl is getting so big.  We are always in Newport Beach for her birthday month so she will be my "Beach Birthday Girl."  This year we decided we would do a Bonfire on the beach.  I called it Cupcakes and Cocktails.  We had fried chicken,  Sprinkles cupcakes and the adults had cocktails.  It was so fun. The night was beautiful. My Mom and Dad were in town and everyone loved this new experience.

If you don't want to cook on the beach fried chicken, corn on the cob, asparagus are good items you can pick up before and use your hands to eat. Happy Labor Day!

Claire's Excited!

A beautiful night!

Getting the fire started.
Photo by Ashleigh Jessup

Mission Accomplished

Sweet Turner and Yaya
Nothing better then fried chicken on the beach ;)

Photo by Ashleigh Jessup

Happy Birthday Lily!

Thinking of your own Bonfire...Download this list of must haves....

Bonfire/Picnic Checklist

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