Whoever Coined the Phrase...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whoever coined the phrase "Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay" (as I pick up the millionth one off the floor tonight)  they were right, they are for VODKA on the ROCKS!  It's been a long day :)
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I "UPromise" U Gonna Like This!

This is a little info about how much it is going to cost to send our kids to college and a great way to contribute by SHOPPING.  I used University of Florida (Go Gators!) as an example.  Right now the annual cost of attending UF today is $31,950.  The FUTURE COST of attending UF with inflation is $315,630 for 4 years.  Dang!  Hubby better start workin' cuz this blogging business sure ain't bringing home the bacon!

Here are three saving alternatives to fund your child's 529 Plan for their college education:
You can Invest this lump sum now:
$ 75,929.19

You can Invest this amount annually:
$ 7,707.48

You can Invest this amount monthly:
$ 665.00

My BFF Megan is the queen of smart shopping. She told me about this website called UPromise, anything you buy from it gives you $$$$ towards your childs college education fund. So I of course had to check it out (since I am the queen of online shopping) and this is how it works.

You go to http://www.upromise.com/ and you set up an account, you then search "anything or any store you are in the mood to buy from" and the company comes up with how much they contribute and other discounts. For instance I need a new pair of Ugg Boots so I searched Ugg and it says they will give you 8% back and then offer you free shipping also. BINGO!

I just used it to buy all my photo's from Kodak Gallery and received money into my account for something I was going to buy anyways. There are thousand upon thousands of companies that offer you money. You can add your grocery store cards and your CC's too and get cash back from them.

Two things though.
1. You have to go to http://www.upromise.com/ first and then it will take you to the next website this is how it links your account. 2. You should have a 529 Plan linked to http://www.upromise.com/ that the money will be placed into grow.
College is expensive and every little but will help. Thought I would share the tip!

Introducing Cleaning Claire's Closet

Monday, November 2, 2009

We are introducing a new concept to Lily's Laundry called Cleaning Claire's Closet that will be starting within the next month.  After brainstorming with what to do with all the wonderful clothing my girls have accumulated over the years and knowing other mom's have the same issue LLB is going to start selling High End Pre-Used Clothing.  We will take up to 10 pieces of designer/unique kids clothing/accessories that is in mint condition at a time.  Clothing cannot have any stains or rips cannot be overly worn or damaged.  We prefer brand names or custom pieces.  You must email us photos before hand.  Items cleared to be sent will be posted within 14 days.  You will be paid 45% of asking price and are responsible for shipping to and from us.  Items that are not sold within 30 days will be marked down 20%, after 60 days they will be marked down 50% and after 90 days, they will be either donated to charity or shipped back to you at your expense.  Price of items can be suggested but will be determined by LLB.  You will be paid via PayPal within 30 days of your items selling.  If you have any items that you think fit this description please email me pictures.  Info@lilyslaundryboutique.com


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