"Goldie" Our Newest Family Member!

Friday, May 21, 2010

We have a new family member. Goldie! Yes, that right. A red, purple and blue male Beta Fish named Goldie. Kids are so funny. The fish stared off named "Cuckoo" (one of my favorite books mind you) and then by the end of the night ended up as "Goldie."

My hubby had a present waiting for Lily today when she came to his office! She was over the moon. Ran around his desk "Oh My Gosh! Thank you Daddy and I have a present for you too! A dinosaur hug! "

I thought oh great one more thing I have to take care of but this little guy's water only has to be changed once a month and he eats the plants roots, so no need for food. Hola!

"Sunny Summer Days" Contest

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Calling all crafters/clothing makers/creative people! LLBB is going to have contest and the winner gets to sell their item on Lily's Laundry Boutique and gets a "Basket Full of Summer!"

The theme is "Sunny Summer Days!" 
So use you imagination to create an item that will be sold on LLB if you are voted for and win.

The only restrictions for the item is it needs to have a summer theme and needs to relate to children. Other then that the world is your oyster.

Anyone can enter! 
Think Outside of the "Beach".... Kids Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Home Decor, Clothing, Swim, Gift Basket, Paintings, Stationary...
What ever your Sunny Heart Desires!

If you win your item will be listed for sale on LLB until September 30th and you will receive a gift basket full of summer stuff.

The Business Stuff
i.e. The Rules)
Your submission must be in by June 2nd.
You will need to email me 2 high resolution pictures.
A description of your item and what inspired you.
What price you would sell your item for?
Your contact information.
Item will be voted on by LLBB readers.
Contest will run from June 9th-16th.
If you win you will drop ship item. 
You must be able to produce and ship out product within two weeks.
You will get 55% of selling price plus $5 for shipping. You will invoice me via pay pal.

I think that's it. Please email me with any questions.
Thanks for playing!

XOXO, Laura

Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This weekend Lily was in Alice in Wonderland as a Posie. Her little ballet class did such a cute job. They worked so hard all week.  The video isn't the best but it's still cute. Have a good Sunday!


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