This is soooo cool!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I was looking at this blog last night and it had a Facebook Like Button on it and I was like "WHAT IS THIS!?!?"

So I did a little research and sure enough Facebook has created a widget that you can add to your blog/website that allows people to click on it and it automatically posts they "Like" your blog post and it posts this on their Facebook page.

This is so awesome because it will just drive traffic back to your blog/website. It took me hours to figure it out and I had to find the right code (I tried like 5 different ones) but it is now working on Lily's Laundry and wanted to share it.

The code that worked for me is found here.

Here are the best directions.


The code is kind of hard to find.  It is right in the middle of all the code on your expanded widget.
 I tried to show you on here but would let me put the html code in....

I hope everyone likes this and that is works for you. I sure do!  Hope your having a good weekend!

The Ultimate Consumer...

Friday, May 14, 2010

I can't help it. Its who I am. I love trying new things. I am an ultimate consumer.  When I find things that I love I like to share them with everyone...

I was home the other day giving the Baby Girl a bottle and this infomercial came on for WEN. It caught my attention because I love the show Flipping Out and Jeff remodeled Chaz Dean's (the stylist who invented the product) salon.... any who I have long, very processed, I mean naturally blond hair and it needs all the moisture it can get so before I could say the word "bleach" I had been suckered into purchasing this product monthly (but I can cancel whenever wink* wink*)

 I got it and it is awesome.  Makes my hair feel so super soft.  The leave-in conditioner it comes with is even better.  I slept with it in one night and in the morning after I washed it is was so silky. So I thought I would share.

Another hair product  that everyone is talking about from my sis to all my good girlfriends is this Moroccan Oil.  So I just HAD to have it and it lives up to all the hype.  I even use it in Lily's hair and I can tell a total difference.  Her hair stays smooth all day long.  Love it.  It is a must have for summer.

Two Sweet Friends....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two sweet friends got to play today and they both had on their Kate Mack so I just HAD to take some pics!

Have you noticed...

Monday, May 10, 2010

That I haven't had any pics in my blog posts in the last couple of weeks. I have lost one battery to one camera and the charger to the other annoying. So I am down to only my iphone (thank goodness it takes cute pics)

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. We did it was very relaxing. Lily had a birthday party to go to and she wore the cutest Misha Lulu Dress. She is now into posing like a model.  It is too cute!

Misha Lulu Swimmer Dress starting at $46


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