About Me

I am Laura.  I graduated from the University Florida with a BA in Visual Arts.  I have always loved art and anything creative.  I LOVE color and texture.  My dream was to go to Parson's in NYC after UF for fashion design but I meet my hubby, Walter,  while in college and all that changed.  We moved to good ole' Southern California and I have been living here now for 10 years. Wow time flies.

I love my family more than anything in life.  I have two wonderful girls, a sweet baby boy and the best hubby ever.

I Love blogging.  I think of it as a virtual journal-ling experience where its not hidden under your mattress. The world gets to read.  My mother though, warned me never put anything in writing you didn't one to see.  That in itself is very interesting because I have a dry sense of humor that sometimes might not translate to the typed word.

I started to blog after opening Lily's Laundry Boutique to draw content to my site but now I love my blog even more then the store because it has more flexibility for creative freedom.

My husband and I love to travel.  We love to see new things and have new experiences.  So you will see a lot of that on here.  My favorite place I have been was to Paris for Christmas which is such a great story.  On my bucket list I want to go to South Africa and go in the cage with Great Whites (weird I know.)

I love to read (when I find the time)  all things British.  It is one thing that I have taken from my father (an avid reader).  I especially love the "Tudor Period" but will venture into other periods as well.  My favorite is The Other Boylen Girl by Philippa Gregory.

I love Southern California.  For years I always had it in my head we would go back to FLA but no longer. We are here to stay. My husband bought the company that he had been working for...so we are never leaving.  Life never is what you expect it to be, huh?  At least that's what makes it interesting.

Fun Facts
I have had like 100 different hair colors and styles.
I am a horrible speller...and my friends having a running joke about how I  mispronounce things
I always get Then and Than mixed up...ahhhh
I love Fox News and Shepard Smith
I was an Alpha Delta Pi and have the best friends (then and now)
I love mac, iphone and anything that apple makes!
My hubby and I love to watch 24, Big Love, Modern Family, Lost, The Tudors anything on HBO.
I love my family more then anything in life!


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