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Friday, April 30, 2010

Details for Drawing #2,015

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gameday give a way
6th drawing held by Laurae Neil
Completed on Friday, 30 April 2010 at 21:13:47 UTC
Winners (1)
1st: Brittany

Yeah Brittany!  You won a personalized Game Day Dress by SBD's.  I will be email your shortly to let you know all the details.  Congrats! 

 Thanks everyone for playing!  Have a great weekend!

I totally spaced!

I totally spaced last night on the results for the give-a-way... I had a moment of peace and started watching the hills, the city and trhw of ny (love love sonja and bethenny's hubby) so I will post tonight.
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Ideas for Creating, Following or Sprucing up your Blog

Thursday, April 29, 2010

This blog has been a work in progress now for almost 2 years.  Our first post was on May 20, 2008.  Wow! that seems like forever ago.  I have used and researched a ton of resources (some that have worked and some that have not)  and wanted to compile a "help guide" that will be a permanent fixture on LLBB's pages for people who are creating or want to spruce up their own blogs.

I will be adding more stuff as time goes.  If you have a "great blog technique" and you would like to share it please leave a comment and I will post it  giving you the credit with a link back to your blog.

A very wise girlfriend of mine once said to me "We as women should all be on the same team and support one another...because we are in the trenches daily.  Don't we all have the same goals:  to raise our families, support our men, be good girlfriends, and grow our businesses.." It has been a great piece of advice and I think of it often ;)

Be mindful though, even though I pretend *wink*wink* that I am a computer genius I am NOT! Please make sure and backup your blog before you make any changes.
It is super easy
1.log in into blogger 2. go to your dashboard 3. go to settings 4. blog tools 5. export blog
It will save it to your computer.

I think you will lose people right off the bat if your blog/website is not visually appealing.  "Don't judge a book by it's cover" does not work in the land of blogging.  The easiest way to give your blog its own personality is with backgrounds.  There are tons of resources out there for FREE !  If you have a little $$ and you want something that is unique check out buying one off of You can have someone design you buttons, backgrounds, and links pretty cheaply. I would suggest giving them a deposit and not all the money upfront!  I learned this one the hard way.  Not all people will finish a job!

Resources for Free Backgrounds

A Resource for Free Fonts
Best fonts ever and they are FREE!  Amanda has a ton of great tutorials. She has one about changing the text in your headings..haven't quite mastered this but it is on the list.

Adding Pages
Two years later and I just found this out.  I was trying to figure out how to upload pdf's for another blog I have and came across "Adding Pages"  which can be a stationary place that you can have info on.  Like where this blog post will remain.  Here is the link google has given to explain in better detail.  It is great for About Me, Lists, Resources you want to share and much more.The help in blogger is really good.

Adding Numbers to Your Comments
Adding numbers to your comments is great if you are going to have give-a-ways.  Here is the tutorial that I used.  Searched through a bunch of them.  This one was easy. Code is a little tricky to find.  It's about 3/4th the way down.

More to come... Picasa, Flickr,  Adding a signature, Watermarking Photos and more ;) Till next time...

This is for Yaya!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yaya that is what Lily calls my mom. Isn't that cute?!? I am really posting this video for my family but I got a new camera and I am having fun testing out all of its features. It is a Sony Cyber-shot. I think it  takes better pix then my Nikon D40 (but that is a whole different post bc I should have bought a Canon, oh well next time ;)

Anywho the Sony CS-DSC-H55 takes 14.1 mega pix, has a 10x optical zoom,  a 25mm wide-angel lens, a huge screen, will take "sweep panorama" pix and has a setting that when it detects a smile will take the pic automatically (perfect for taking pics of kids.)

Please dismiss my "baby talk" and Tom and Jerry playing in the background.
T & J is Lily's fav.  She prefers "actions to words!" Haha just a little Tom and Jerry humor. She would watch it 24/7 if I let her.

Don't forget that the game day dress give-a-way ends tomorrow at 10 PM PST. 

So easy to enter.  If you don't see your team add it to the comments.  Any team can be made!


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