I Triple HEART Ryan Seacrest!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yeah!  American Idol is back!  I have to tell you, last summer I was writing the show off because Paula wasn't coming back but now after watching the last two days I am taking it back.

First and foremost Ryan I have missed you.  I think he is one of  the funniest, wittiest, best dressed people in Hollywood, not to mention he isn't bad to look at either!!!   My parents are addicted to AI also (there are time restrictions now on when we can call) and my Mom loves RS.  Since they both share the same birth place (Atlanta) she thinks she knows him and has even told me he is a distant cousin.  Ummm...Yea, I think I will have to get the family tree out to verify that one {wink wink.}

Anyways, Posh was interesting wasn't she?  She was really sweet and I loved it when she gave Simon a little attitude and he didn't say anything back but seriously what was she wearing in her hair the first day?!?   and HOLY SMOKES is that girl skinny, WOW!!!  I mean I am all for skinny but she's about to float away.

A few of my favs from Boston are...

Amedeo DiRocco:  Man that  guy loves some Italian food...
Bosa Mora:  The guy from Nigeria.  I loved it that his dad cried and they said God is great.  How sweet.
Ashley Rodreiguez:  Thought she had a good voice and reminded me a little of Rhianna.
Leah Laurenti: Sweet girl.  Great Voice.

Mary J.  Blige was guest host.  Dang she has some awesome arms.  Loved the yellow but was it just me or did she have a little attitude?   Wasn't that impressed with the talent.

But here are couple of my favs...
Vanessa Wolfe:  This girl had me at "I am a bridge jumper."  Interesting and cool.  I would freak (but still probably try it) not a huge heights person.
Guitar Girl:  Loved her personality.  Darling when she said "Come on Simon your gorgeous" BINGO! Her ticket awaited.
Mallory: Great voice even better hair.

I am now going to use this line (per Simon) to Lily when she asks for something..."It is a resounding NO!"

Till Next week...

xoxo, Lily's Laundry

Haiti Relief...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My day continued today the same as usual.  Got up this am went to boot camp, grocery store, Lowes, our rental house,  checked status of Lane Kiffin moving back to USC {yikes}, met a girlfriend at Coffee Bean... not really paying much attention to the news.  When I got home I  turned  on the news and had to turn it off because it bought such heartache.

While I was lying in my daughters bed tonight trying to get her to go to sleep, all I could think about was, how grateful I was the roof was not caving in on top of us...what a desperate feeling that must be, not being able to protect your own child.

After they were down I went directly to my computer and made a donation to Compassion International. My children, husband, family and friends are the only things that mean anything to me.  I could not imagine them being taken away in a few seconds.  I am always so grateful for my blessed life but tragedy like this reminds me even more.

I usually do not write post on current events but everyone who can, should try and donate something to the people in Haiti, who are suffering such despair and sadness tonight.

I always donate through Compassion International at www.compassion.com because I know that they are a wonderful organization but here are a couple of other places.




20% of sales at www.LilysLaundryBoutique.com now through Sunday will be donated to Haiti Relief!

Text Haiti to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross..saying they have already raised $ 4 Million this way...AWESOME!

Blessing to all your families.

xoxo, Lily's Laundry


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