Succulent Garden!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Want an easy care free garden? 

How about adding some succulents to your backyard. This arrangement (minus the planter from Pottery Barn) cost me about about $80. I bought all the terracotta pots at the Home Depot or the Dollar Store.

  I made them look old by thinning out acrylic paint (black, brown, green in color) with water and painting the pots gently. 

I potted them with all different types of succulents.

And now I have a center piece on my outdoor table that will last me all through the hot summer with little maintenance.

Garden: Collard Greens

I grow a garden every year and this year I added collard greens and artichokes.  My collard greens are growing like crazy!  Someone told me they think I am the only "Girl in all of Southern California growing collards in their backyard."  Ya know what...I'll take it ;)

Want our recipe for collard greens?  Click Here!

How about a refreshing summer cocktail 
with mint from your garden?  Click Here!

Happy Gardening!

Easy 4th of July Treats!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Easy little fun treats that the kids loved making.

I saw a pic of something similar to these on Pinterest and I wanted to give them a try.  The ones I saw had lollipop sticks in the Oreo's but that didn't work for me.  The stick kept breaking the cookie. 

I used Red, White and Blue (You can purchase below) straws with the marshmallows to add a festive touch.

The marshmallow and Oreo version of these were so easy to make. 

I bought white chocolate chips (you can do dark too!) and picked the colored sprinkles I wanted to use.

The first go around I melted the chocolate on the stove. 
  It burned the chocolate and turned it brown... So I  put the white chocolate in the microwave for about for about 1 minute and it melted perfectly.

Dipped the marshmallows in the chocolate
then rolled them in the sprinkles.  

With the Oreos I dipped one side in the chocolate then dipped them in the sprinkles. I also used candy pieces.  
You can really use whatever you want to decorate.

I laid the Oreos on wax paper to dry. They set in about 30 mins.  Bingo had a fun little dessert for a BBQ!

Want the Straws...Purchase Here!


Turkey Meatloaf...

Oh My Gosh!  
I am bored with cooking dinner and 
I am bored with this extra post baby weight...

A friend told me about this Feta Turkey Meatloaf she saw on the Food Network by Giada and it sounded great so I checked it out!

It was easy and fantastic and the best thing "The Kids Will Eat It!"
 It is now a staple in the household.  
Click here for Giada's original.  
I modified mine...

Turkey Meatloaf


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