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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am just getting the hang of this thing called blogging. I have done a lot of research to see how and what other people are writing about and I have learned that there is a plethora of wonderful information out there.

Here are some other blogs I have found that are great resources (and really cute too!)

Leah Profancik Photography. If you live in or around Indianapolis, IN you have to check out her work. It is beautiful. She even has her own blog with lots of beautiful pictures.

In need of cute gifts? Check out this website.
Natalie Stewart Graham also has a blog and all of the info on it is great.

A classic and great website especially if you are a new mother is You can sign up for free and BC will email you weekly updates on the growth of your baby in your tummy and then after. Lots of useful info and a great resource if your baby is sick.

These are just a couple the more I find the more I will post!

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