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Thursday, September 25, 2008

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September 25, 2008
The Bee’s Neige
Neige Online Shop Launches

Newsflash: Kids dressed like trendazoids are creepy.
Lose the Juicy sweats. Ditto the leopard leggings. And whoever told you rhinestone studded tie-dye was a good look lied.
Kids will be kids, so dress them like it in Neige. The just-launched website sells the whole collection, so you finally drool over everything at once.
Known for timeless, modern design, Neige clothes are adaptable and durable (think family touch football on Thanksgiving). For the little ladies, hand-knit sweatercoats and jumpers in cotton blend herringbone. For the little guys, long-sleeve polos and classic three-button blazers in rich corduroy.
In other words, take back that “boob man” tee before he gets the wrong idea.
And, hon, while you’re at it, ditch your leopard leggings, too.

Available online at neigeclothing.com.


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