Giving Back to the Marines in 29 Palms

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am adding this for anyone in the local La Quinta, Palm Desert Area and would like to participate, please email me I will come and pick up anything you would like to donate.

A couple of us have gotten together and decided to start a "club" for volunteering. Our goal is to have a direct impact on peoples lives without having to fund raise. We all recognize how blessed we are and that are so many people in dire need right now of the basics, food and clothing.

Our first project is going to be collecting clothing, shoes, toys, household items that will be taken to 29 Palms. The base has a store for the Marines and their families, where they can come and buy donated clothing items. Everything in the store is less then $5. The Marine families live on very, very tight budgets. The store is a way for them to get great stuff with out felling like it is a hand out. A couple of the ladies went there a couple months ago and were overwhelmed by the gratitude from the families.

We will be picking and East Valley location for our next project.

If you would like to donate (we will take woman's, children, men's clothing, toys and household items. Please make sure everything is in stain free and in working condition.) We would like to have everything by April 30th. Here is a list of contact people that you can either drop your stuff off to or they we will gladly come and get it for you.

Thank you so much for your donations. They will be put to good use.


Laura Neil

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