Isn't it funny...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Isn't it funny in the world of blogging and  social networking that you get know and like people's personalities without even meeting them. You think you know them.  You can read all about their lives and what they do.  They can inspire you to be creative and much more but you have never even meet them.  While I was searching the internet looking for a tutorial on creating a  signature for my blog, I came across Amanda at  She has the best blog.  It is really creative and she gives away a ton of great stuff.  I have used a lot of her fonts,  tutorials (she is now doing one on Photoshop) and she is always good for a good laugh. She makes me want a new camera because her pictures are so great.   This morning she posted about wearing scarves.  I am not a huge "scarf wearer" (since I live in the desert) but I looked at it anyways...totally cracked me up.  Especially at the very end where she says "she looks like she is doing a commercial for bumpits."  LOL. Even funnier to me because someone just recently asked me if I wore one...

She also taught me you can have your blog go right into someones inbox!!!  Everyone has been asking...I finally figured it out...Ahh the land of blogging the technology is endless...I should start posting everything I am learning...

Check her out!!! 

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