Crazy for Neon

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I was on the hunt for the perfect neon tank top to add a pop of color under a conservation black and white top I have and while I was scouring the Internet for fabulous neon products I found this pic of Gwen Steffani and got a little side tracked.

I have actually seen GS in person.

I saw her in my pediatricians office. Yup, crazy right!  I was waiting for my little one to get shots and I looked up and she walked in the door with her son.  I almost fell out of the chair. I tried to be cool and not stare but it was hard.  She is extremely pretty, dressed super hip and had her signature red lipstick on ;)  I think this pic gives her justice.

Any who back to neon...I am still on the quest for the perfect neon tank but I did find some other cools things.  See my Polyvore Set below ;)

Loving Neon!

Party dress
$165 -

Hunter boots
$125 -

Wet Seal neon bracelet
$3.50 -

Monsoon Neon Twisted Snood
£18 -

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