Gluten/Dairy Free Birthday Cake.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I have a daughter who has food allergies and let me just tell you it SUCKS!  Yes, my Dad if he was reading this would be emailing, texting, calling me, telling me it is unladylike to be using such language especially if it is in text because "once its written down Laura you can never take it away..."

I know... I know...I would tell him but it does! 

Not only does it suck for her because she get horrible eczema from certain foods and because she is only 2 and wants to eat what everyone else is eating but it sucks for me too because its like a 3rd job trying to manage her food intake...

Any who my good friend Brittany, who threw the Seashell 40th Birthday with me, made the cake for the evening.  She made it gluten free and IT WAS DELICIOUS.  I emailed her to get the instructions and here's what she sent me.  I thought I would share.

Hi Miss L,

Here is the recipe for Miss Cosette’s cake:

Pamela’s Gluten/Dairy Free Chocolate Cake Mix:
I added the following ingredients and beat with electric mixer on medium:
½ cup coconut oil
3 eggs (recipe calls for 2, but you can use 3 to make lighter J)
Pre-heat oven to according to package instructions
I greased the cupcake pan with coconut oil before dividing the cake mix
I baked it for about 50 minutes (but all oven temps vary)
I baked the cake a night ahead of time, let it come to room temp and placed saran wrap around both halves (and that into a gallon freezer bag) and placed into the freezer. I took it out about 2 hours before I whipped up the frosting

Pamela’s Vanilla Frosting (Gluten-Free)
I used an electric mixer on medium until all was blended (then on low when added in water)
I used 2 bags as 1 bag really didn’t cover the job J, therefore I doubled everything
I used 2 cups of room temperature butter (Really light, I know)
2 teaspoons of almond extract (can use more depending upon your taste palate)
2 tablespoons of water (add slowly) can add more water depending upon the thickness you prefer
I placed all the frosting in one gallon zip lock. I pushed all frosting to one of the bottom corners of zip lock bag and then cut a corner off (to make a mock frosting tip).
Frost as you desire J

I used a Giant cupcake tin: they are available at Michael’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond

Me Again....
I made this recipe for Claire and took some cupcakes to school for her to be frozen so she could have a treat when the other kids did too.   I used Vegetable Shortening though instead of butter for the frosting to make it completely dairy free.  The texture and the flavor turned almost the same as using butter.

This picture sucks too...LOL Please forgive ;)

Happy Gluten/Dairy Free Baking ;)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful cup cakes. We too have gluten and dairy allergies we also are allergic to soy. It is great to have a blog I know too come to from now on for ideas. Thank you.
Happy Little Feet


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