Sweet Baby Boy's 1st Birthday Party and Egg Hunt

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Sweet Baby is turns one today and so we threw him a little birthday party this past weekend. It was really last minute and I wasn't going to do it but my husband made me feel guilty.  I am glad he did because it was lots of fun...It started at 11 am and some of our friends ended up staying till like 10 at night...Oh Goodness I think we had one too many "Bunny Tails" and we didn't want the day to end.  We had an egg hunt, the boys watched The Masters, the kids swam and our little buddy got his first piece of cake.

I love this time of year. The colors of spring make it so easy to decorate.

See below for all the details.

Here's what I did and where I bought things.

 Lanterns:  A couple of years ago I drilled screws into the stucco above my table outside so every time we have a party I hang something over the table. This time I used used colored lanterns I bought at my local party store. I strung them up with colored raffia.

 Table Covering: It's wrapping paper from the dollar store. GENIUS! A mother in Lily's class did this last week for the kids school party. It was so cute and totally gave the table a pop...so I copied her idea for our party.

Mirror: This mirror has been hanging over my bed for 7 years and last week it bored me, so I took it down and painted it. The color wasn't exactly what I was hoping for to put back in my room, but it fit my table perfectly, so I used it outside. I  hung egg garland and a "Hoppy Easter" banner over it. I used earthquake putting to kept garland and banner in place.

Apothecary Jars: I have a large collection of these. They are great for any kind of party. I filled mine with crinkle paper/Easter Straw then layered with Peeps and Marshmallows. You can use crinkle paper all year long and it gives the table lots of texture.

 Flowers: I buy all my flowers at my local Farmers Market. It is on Wednesday but the flowers are always so fresh they last for a week or so.

 Cake: I got this darling cake at Bristol Farms. Not only is it cute but it also tastes really yummy. I found a picture on Pinterest and then just email it to them. EASY!

 Gift Bags and Glasses: Personalized cups are fun and you can reuse them. I ordered from one of my favorite party supply stores Beau-Coup.com

Printables: Me! I didn't do a ton for this party but you can check out what we have done in the past on our blog or on our Etsy site. If you want something custom you can email us.

Bunny Cake Pops:  My sweet Nanny made them for the kids.  Thank you Maribel!

Other great resources: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Micheal's, Joanne Fabrics, Potterybarn.

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