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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For Turkey Day we traveled, with the two babes to Thomasville, Georgia. It is a small town about 35 mins northeast of Tallahassee and the Florida border. It is deep into the southern sea, for a girl, who for the last 8 years has been indoctrinated into the SoCal lifestyle. My parents bought a darling condo there and have been asking us to come. So we finally succumbed and made the trip. Every time we step off the plane my mom says "Welcome to Dixie," which cracks me. Anyways, I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised by Thomasville and loved the way it was decorated for the holidays.

Here are are couple of things that I found and loved.

One is a store called LAVISH. Isn't that such a great name? It is an apothecary boutique and specializes in soaps, perfumes, jewelry and some children's items. Nancy the owner also has a blog if you want to learn more about LAVISH. My parents bought my sister and me some Christmas presents from there. They wrapped them with a twig of cotton. Isn't it so creative?!?

Another store on Broad St. that is darling is called FireFly. The name reminds me of a humid summer night, catching fireflies in a mason jar and putting them next to my bed thinking they would give off enough light to be a nightlight and would still be alive in the morning. Ha. Wishful thinking.

I picked up some glitter covered reindeer. Everyone who knows me knows I like the bling. They are perfect! I will be getting all of my Christmas stuff out this week and will find the perfect place to use them.

Lily loved them too. She already knocked one of their red jeweled noses off. Opps!

On Saturday my parents watched both girls for the night and Walter, my brother and I went to GVille to watch the Mighty Gators kick some Nole Booty. We had so much fun. It really was one of the best football games I have been to. The energy in the stadium was crazy. It was Tim Tebow's last home game and crowd was twinkling from all the pictures that were being taken.

This is before game!  I asked the guy if PETA was cool with this...he said yeah ;)

With one of my BFF Meg's.  She left her man in Tampa and came up all by herself.
Got myself a new hat!  It's now my new FAV!

Wished I had one of these today when I came home from vaca and my imacs hard drive crashed...ahhhh..everyone keeps asking..."Didn't you back it up?" No! It's brand new!!!! Duhhhh...I know better!

Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving. I cannot believe Christmas is almost here. Wow! 2009 has gone by quickly.

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Sherry said...

you have a beautiful family. love your blog too. i have been doing business with your mother for years, what a wonderful person. :)


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