An Old, New Favorite Thing.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I know this brush has been around for 100 plus years (since 1885 to be exact) and I have always wanted one.  My cousin growing up had one and her hair was always so pretty.  With my hair being so long it is a nightmare to brush.

Lisa had one in Dallas and I become obsessed.  I came right home and ordered one...

It is SOOOOO AWESOME!!!  Lily wanted me to sit in bed last night and just brush her hair.  So sweet!

Just for that its worth every penny.

Ordered through so at least I could feel good about saving for girl's college education!

MASON PEARSON Large Style Bristle & Nylon Popular Hair Brush with Cleaner (Model: BN1)

xoxo, Lily's Laundry

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