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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leelou Blogs

Writing your blog post is only 1/2 the battle the other half is getting people to read your blog.  People are busy and like the saying says "Out of sight Out of Mind."  So the  best way I believe to remind your readers about your blog is having it directly emailed to them.

I use FeedBurner to do this.  It is actually quite easy.  Go to www.FeedBurner.com and type in  your blogs URL.  Once you have done this, Feedburner will give you tons of options. FB will analyze the traffic to your blog,  you can create banners to drive more traffic to your sight, you can configure ads and much more. You will have to have to play around inside Feedburner to see what suits your blog.

Make sure you get the HTML code that the offer and add it to your "Gadgets" on your blogger layouts!  Thats how people can add their email addresses.

Here are some more resources on using Feeburner.

1. Feeds Basics 101
2. Google Help for Feeds

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