Vote for 2GiggleBoxes in Full Bloom

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This shirt is so stinking cute. I think I am going to have Sarah over at 2GiggleBoxes make me one...but in the mean time please go to and vote for her. She is a dear friend and sorority sister of mine (PI Love, that's what us ADPi's say ;) and I wanted to give her a little shot out to get her some votes!  She is in Full Bloom!

 P.S. Contest is only up for 24 Hours

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Jessica Rae said...

Lily, just discovered your blog and think it's so cute! And it seems like FATE:

1. My middle name is Rae
2. I was an Alpha Delta Pi! <>
3. And...I dunno, I'm also a fellow blogger! (ShesSmart, SofaChip, SmallScreenScoop, RingOBlog) Obvs I love style and pretty things!

Keep blogging and being awesome! I'll follow you on twitter from @ThisJessicaRae and @ShesSmart


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