Some Great Summer Products!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

These are a couple cosmetic items that are must haves for Summer. If you  are short on time or are going to be outside but want a little something for you face these products are the best. 

Best Mascara EVER!  It does not smear or run! 

. Love this product for a little cheek pick me up!

The best lip stain ever. 
You put  on the clear gloss and the color comes up to match your own skin tones.

 I have never seen a  Makeup Planner like this and it is GENIUS!  You will never have to pack or unpack your makeup again and you can always see what you have.  Even if you don't use Trish products most eye shadows/blushes/powders can be popped out of there existing containers and placed into the magnetic "pages" that make the planner so easy to organize. Comes in some fun seasonal colors too.

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