Day 12 and 11..."Wordly Wine" and Santa Transfer...

Monday, December 13, 2010

My husband loves wine. Not only does he love it but he's pretty knowledgeable about it also. I saw this cool ribbon with words transferred on it (I think at Potterybarn but couldn't find the picture again) and thought I could do that... the idea of words that people use to describe wine came to my head.

It would be neat to tie on wine decanters, glasses, bottles of wine, gifts and more.  

You will need ribbon (I used a soft canvas one.)
An ink jet printer.
An iron.
Transfer paper ( I used transfer paper from Dharma Trading Company.  The paper comes directions but it you want a really good tutorial check out  Lil Blue Boo.)

You can download it below for free.  Download is printed backwards so it will transfer correctly!
I printed 4 sheets out for 1-9 Ft. spool of ribbon.

Words that describe wine

Day 11
Speaking of Lil Blue Blue and transfers... she has a really cute Santa one you can download for free too!


2 Giggle Boxes said...

Great idea! When we were in Napa someone use the words "Big Flowers" to describe the wine they were drinking. Chris and joke about it every time we have a glass.

nic said...

Wow! These are so neat! I'm the wine lover in our family, but we aren't really living in an area that has much to offer. I dream of visiting the Napa Valley someday...hmmm.
But anyway! I jumped over to let you know that I'm running my first ever giveaway for reaching 100 Followers! You're welcome to come & enter! Have a great day & a blessed Christmas!


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