Pot of Gold Cupcakes!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Have you been over to Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.  If you haven't you should.  Not only do you want to eat everything that Kristan bakes but you will laugh your way through her blog.  I love a good sense of humor and she FOR SURE has one!  Every post I literally have a good LAUGH OUT LOUD! 

So here's a couple things that she has been up to...I am loving the Ice Cream Cones...Already thinking about fun ideas for my girls birthdays bc they are in the summer and it is super hot out here...and because I don't have anything else to spend my time on...  "like giving birth to a new baby....hummm...first things first Laura!

Any WHO...Check out these fun posts!

Have Fun!  Happy Baking! xoxo


Maxabella said...
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Maxabella said...

I do like to laugh as I bake (it's the only way, really!) so I'll head on over. Thanks for the link, Laura. x


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